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Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress For All.

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Fantasies of the world have been created equally for all people, and the characters who await your presence shower love for every soul within the enclosure. We make the dream of the heavy hearts come true with our timely intervention.

Disney Works Community

The people who serve delicacies been offering their best service by wearing smiles all their life, but they are at no advantage despite their long hours of work.


The standards for the healthcare benefits are increasing by the day, and they are only putting more people in danger.


Every employee suffers from the unavailability of holidays or proper vacations, denying them the time to be with their families.


Being a senior in the field with decades of experience also is thrown out of the window in determining the eligibility requirement for benefits.

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All those claimed family values have been transpiring with the support of the voice who spoke for us. Theresa R. Delarosa

We witnessed the change happening over time, and there is yet a long way to go. Raymond Campbell

Happiness starts resurfacing now after the period of unfaithful actions, but our fight continues until complete justice. Barbara D. Montgomery

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