Disneyland is known all around the world as people consider the same to be an essential place for vacation. Thanks to the many features and services that it provides, everyone tends to have a great time from the very moment they enter this park. But in order to be what it is today, the place had to go through several changes that began from the very moment it was created. So to understand these changes and decode them in the right manner, we are going ahead to list down some of the important facts about Disneyland.

1. July 17th, 1955

According to certain reports, Disneyland originally opened on Sunday, July 17th, 1955. During that time, the place had around 18 attractions in total. But through time, they managed to change things and develop the place to a large extent. As a result, one will come across at least 51 attractions in total as they stand to blow your mind away.

More than 700 Million Guests

2. More than 700 Million Guests

The level of popularity enjoyed by Disneyland has only increased through time. While only a handful of people knew all about the place, in the beginning, today, the whole world is aware of the same. Due to that, the number of guests who have received an opportunity to enter this place stands to be more than 700 million. Yes, that’s right. More than 700 million people have visited Disneyland to enjoy the many features that it has to provide.

3. Hollywood Connection

While Disneyland has always been used as an essential location for shooting movies, the place also has a different kind of connection to Hollywood. Top actors like Steve Martin and Michelle Pfeiffer used to work at Disneyland before marking their big entries into the world of cinema. According to Mental Floss, Steve Martin was a magician and Pfeifer, Alice in Wonderland.

4. The Mickey Mouse Craze

As a beloved character, Mickey Mouse is known all around the world through different series and various other aspects. Significantly the craze around the same reached a whole different level when over 84 million Mickey Mouse ears were sold since the time Disneyland opened to the world. Due to that, these ears are also known to be the most popular souvenirs from the place.


5. A Year for Construction

Probably one of the most shocking points about Disneyland relates to the fact that it was constructed in over a year. According to a report published by Justdisney.com, it clearly states that the magnificent park was built under a year. Can you believe it?


So the next time you visit this beautiful place, acknowledge the changes that have come through time and understand the efforts put behind the same.